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Iceland is heavily integrated into the European Union via the European Economic Area and the Schengen Agreement, but it is not a member state.

Because Iceland is not a member state I guess rules for moving and work in the country are different.

  1. Can europeans work in Iceland? How long can we stay there?

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While Iceland is not a member of EU, it participates in the EU Single Market through its membership of the European Economic Area. One consequence of that is that freedom of movement for workers applies to Iceland and Icelanders in the same way as to the EU proper.

An EU citizen has the right to live and work in Iceland indefinitely without prior permission (but must register with civil authorities within 6 months, like native Icelanders have to). The rules also give quite liberal rights to move to Iceland to seek work on your own expense for up to six months.

The Icelandic government informs about the procedure at https://www.skra.is/english/individuals/moving-to-iceland/

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