I need to apply for a work Visa in New Zealand, sponsored by an accredited employer (research position at a university). I currently live in the US and I am required to provide certain medical examinations to Immigration New Zealand. In the medical certificate states:

In countries where Immigration New Zealand has an approved list of panel physicians this certificate must be completed by a listed panel physician. Please see our website at www.immigration.govt.nz/healthinfo to find your nearest panel physician. If you live in a country which does not have any panel physicians, a registered medical practitioner, preferably your own general practitioner, can complete this certificate.

My concern is that the only panel physician within 700miles asks me 550$. Meanwhile, my general practitioner would charge me only 80$.


i) will my application be rejected if I submit the documents completed by my general practitioner? or

ii) in case Immigration New Zealand does not accept my general practitioner's certificates, will they ask me to update the certificates rather then rejecting me?

iii) is there an authority that I can consult on the matter?

  • It seems pretty clear-cut. If there's a panel physician, that's who needs to fill out the certificate. Physicians who are certified to conduct these medical examinations probably have to apply and pay money as well. – mkennedy May 17 '19 at 17:19

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