I have applied for a Tier 2 ICT work permit 3 years visa from a reputed A rating Premium sponser from Chennai. In the marital status I have mentioned I'm separated since my wife and I are not on good terms. It has been more than 6 months since we spoke and I have a baby child. Will this separated status cause ECO to reject my visa? If they ask for clarification, what type of questions or proof might they ask for? I do not have any proof of documents that we are separated. I have attended VFS biometrics on 15th May with priority services and was told I will get the visa in 5 working days. But it's been 7 working days now and no reply yet, which makes me to fear that something has gone awry. Please assist with your valuable advice.

  • Can someone please help with your answers. – Shab May 24 at 3:15

No, your marital status will not affect your visa application. However if you should reconcile at a later time and want your wife to join you, or you want the child to visit or reside with you in the United Kingdom, it might affect their applications. There will almost certainly be an extra degree of scrutiny to determine how genuine your marital status is at that point.

  • Thank you so much.. fingers crossed.. – Shab May 24 at 6:57

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