I will try to keep it as short as possible as I value your time.

  • I am from India, 27 years of age. I did my Bachelors (B-Tech) in Electronics & Telecommunication in 2013.
  • But my skills and work experience (Self Employed) is not related to my B-Tech.
  • I am successfully running my own web-design company since 2014. My skill set is Webdesign, Web-development, Graphics, Branding & Animation. I learned all this on my own so I do not have any certifications/short courses as well.
  • I am working with many clients & companies based in Australia. They are ready to help with anything if required for my PR application. I also have visited Australia twice, I got my visitor visa approved the last December.
  • I am looking to apply for a subclass 189 Visa to get PR. Following is the list of occupations that are related to my skill set and not my study (B-Tech).

    1. 261211: Multimedia Specialist

    2. 261212: Web Developer

    3. 261312: Developer Programmer

    4. 261313: Software Engineer

    5. 232414: Web Designer

    6. 232411: Graphic Designer

  • I will be able to get 30 points for Age, 20 points for English.

  • The query is will I be able to get 15 points for my Bachelor degree as it's not related to the occupation I am applying visa for. Also what about points for my work experience as I am self-employed (running my own company since 2014)

  • For Multimedia Specialist, the Occupation Ceiling Value is 1000 but invitations issued are 0, What does this mean? So should I not consider applying under this occupation?

  • I just wanted to know what will be my best bet to apply for PR. I do not mind if my application takes time, I am in no rush and can wait for 1-2 years or more for PR.

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