My friend applied for a settlement visa, and luckily she got it!

Her husband resides in UK. She has resigned her job and has purchased a one way ticket to UK.

Now she's worried that she might get refused entry because she has no return ticket, or a job to go back to.

I told her, that the whole point that she applied for a settlement visa is to live with her husband and work in the UK.

So understandably she would leave her job, and fly to UK with only a one way ticket.

We have tried our best to rationalise but I hope you people could help since you have more clarity on this.


Hard to document something that does not exist.

The official UK sites state that such visas are initially issued for 30 months

  • afterwhich you are expected to have it renewed


If they expect you to renew it

  • they are not expecting you to leave

so an Immigration Officer would not expect you to have a return ticket

  • they may even become suspicious if you did

Mayby this could serve as a negative proof.

  • Definitely makes sense. Thank you Mark! May 26 '19 at 10:19

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