I am an Australian citizen living in Australia applying for a French Visa. It is a work visa, irrelevant which one. During my application process I must provide a phone contact from my current employment. My question is will the French consulate in Sydney actually contact my work place?? Has this happened to anyone?

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  • I've removed the image because it didn't seem to relate to the question. – MJeffryes May 29 at 13:41
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    What kind of visa? Most Australians who come to France do so without visa, just a stamp in the passport on arrival. – Willeke May 29 at 13:57
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    That is why I ask, as a work visa should be more at home on Expatriates. – Willeke May 29 at 14:08
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    As it's a work visa, this question is better suited to Expatriates. And it may not be irrelevant which work visa you're applying for: it's entirely possible that French authorities investigate applicants for some categories of visa more closely than others. – phoog May 30 at 14:31
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    @gstorto but those posted to consular missions in English speaking countries will indeed speak English. Consulates also typically employ local staff, too. – phoog May 30 at 21:57

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