I have a query regarding validity of blue card inspite of a period of absence from Germany. Due to a medical emergency I have to stay in India for next 6 7 months. Will my blue card remain valid if I leave my employment and deregister from the city? I emailed foreign office they replied it is valid for 1 year even if I am outside EU, but under conditions. I am not sure about the condition part. If anyone can shed light on the matter, it would be great. Thanks in advance.

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  • @Debaditya Roy what happened next ? – Santanu Sahoo Aug 20 at 18:48
  • Well my company deputed me to India allowing me to keep the job. I am earning an d paying my taxes in Germany by signing an Indo German social security agreement, that was procured by the insurance firm on discussion with my company. – Debaditya Roy Aug 21 at 19:36

The foriegn office is quoting §51 (10) (1) AufenthG: 12 months

  • which overrides §51 (1) (7) AufenthG : 6 months

this goes on to say, any longer period must be cleared with the local Arbeitsamt.
(This is the only other condition in that paragraph, so I assume that is what they mean)

To be save, report the situation to the Arbeitsamt (case manager Sachbearbeiter) and in case of any delays inform them of the delay which they should confirm in writing.

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