My friend is a soon-to-be divorced, non EU citizen. She received permanent residence as family member of an EU citizen. She was advised the card will still be valid, but she has been told at the UK border her circumstances differ from the card and it won't be valid after the divorce. Can you please tell us who is right/wrong or how she should deal with it?

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    In reality what we think doesn’t really matter since UK immigration are the one who have the power to admit her or not. Your best bet is an immigration attorney (or EU immigration) who perhaps after confirming the card is valid after divorce could prepare a document attesting so. Random internet strangers opinion are of little value. – user 56513 Jun 5 '19 at 8:09
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    Who told her the card would still be valid? Who told her it would not? – phoog Jun 5 '19 at 8:17

Depending on the country that issued the card, she would have apply for a residence permit on her own right

  • in Germany §31 AufenthG regulates the conditions
    • marriage of at least 3 years or spouse has died
      • resident permit will be extended for 1 year as a third country resident

since the conditions on which the card was issued have changed.

So a card issued in Germany would be invalid once the divorce is effective.

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