I had submitted my visa through vfs global for UK tier 2 and after 15 days I got a refusal letter stating the refusal reason as "You have not provided any confirmation from UK NARIC that your degree was taught in English and you have not provided any confirmation from UK NARIC that the degree you have is deemed to meet the recognized standard of a Bachelor's or Master's degree or a PhD in the UK.".

But I submitted the UK Naric approved English assessment and statement of Comparability under Educational evidence section and it shows in the visa application document upload receipt too. I am planning to apply for an administrative review request for reconsideration of the decision on my application

But want to understand what would have gone wrong even after uploading the doc?, How can they miss it ? and whats the timeline to get visa post this process? Why should we pay again if they uphold the decision without proper reason? why didn't they send me an email requesting to mail the scanned doc if they found that the document is missing(which isn't actually) ?

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