I have applied for a work permit visa to Germany last week. As per my understanding I need to get a type D visa initially and then apply for the BLUE card once I reach Germany. I have a salary of above EUR 41808 annual and my profession(Software Developer) falls under MINT category.

I have not taken the “BA-Vorabprüfung” (Approval by the Federal Employment Agency). As per my understanding I need it without priority check as I belong to MINT category profession. Is it required only for applying for BLUE card(which is applied once I reach Germany) or will the consulate here in Chennai, India forward my application for FEA approval now.

I suppose that I will get a Type D visa from here. Will the consulate forward my application for “BA-Vorabprüfung” even for Type D visa?

If at all the consulate forwards my application for “BA-Vorabprüfung” will I get a copy of that? So that I can use the same copy while applying for BLUE card once I reach Germany.

Thanks in advance.

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