My Friend has German Blue Card. Can he work on payroll for an Indian Company while living in Germany? He has to work in Germany but on Indian payroll.

  • Is the Indian company located in Germany? – gnasher729 Feb 14 at 19:39

This is highly dependent on the circumstances and cannot be generally answered.

What type of residence permit and employment in Germany do they have?

If they have a German employer (i.e. pay taxes and social benefits in Germany) plus an extra contract in India, then (when there is no contract conflicts with the German employer) this may be possible.

But residing in Germany and solely working for an Indian employer, would probably be in violation of the residence permit conditions and considered Lohndumping.



I assume that your friend is Indian, and wants to stay on their home country payroll to preserve social contributions and tax filing, and doing this while living and working in Germany is called a 'remote payroll'.


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