We'll soon be applying for an extension to my partners spouse visa. I recently started an online business (April this year) and it has started to generate money, only in the £100s.

I remember I had to show my pay slips, P60 and bank statements showing my normal job income going in, which is a fair bit above the £18,000 threshold. I also had a signed letter from my employer, confirming my salary.

I recently got a bank account for the business, but before transactions were going to my current account where my normal job wage goes. Should I explain these payments? Or should I just talk about my normal job?

If I declare my online business income, I'm not sure how much I would declare per annum as its only just started, some weeks I might earn nothing, some a couple of hundred etc. I also have no tax returns for it yet as I wont have to do that till April next year.

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