I am from India applied for MSc in the UK, received an unconditional offer letter from the university and CAS Letter is going to be issued within a few days.

Regarding bank statements, everywhere it was told, Tier 4 General visa students need to submit a 28-old bank statement before the date of application.

I am self-funding my education and living expenses.

because I am self-funded, Will ECO ask my Source of Funding and Longer bank statement of 3-6 months?

My Source of Funds: (being honest here)

Since 3 years I worked with a UK company as a Contractor (freelancer, not official), and I have built their entire software which got me savings for my education now. Contract terminated in the previous month (May 2019)

For Tier 4 Visa, Do I need to show/submit all my payslips/invoices from the UK company during the interview?


Will they reject my Visa because I have worked with UK company thinking I am going to settle in the UK after my graduation?

I have one email of contract termination from the employer,

will this email conversation serve as a proof to tell that presently I don't have any relation with the previous employer?

I have filed my Income Tax Return for the 2018-19 financial year (not earlier) with showing high expenses in freelancing, So I can avoid paying high taxes, as I need to sustain my education finances in present.

Do I need to submit my Income tax Returns? If yes, will they ask me why I paid low taxes? Will they take a close look at all the expenses?

Please help! I am confused with a lot of questions, did a lot of research but couldn't find knowledgable answers.

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  • Are your bank statements consistent with the expenses claimed on your tax return? Is the after-expense income sufficient to explain the bank balance? – Patricia Shanahan Jul 2 at 8:49
  • Hi Patricia, thanks for your comment. I have checked with my accountant, and he mentioned yes for your above comment. I have filed tax returns, just to be on the safer side if they ask to submit the returns. Can you please also advise me about my other questions. – Sunny Jul 2 at 9:09

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