If I move to another EU member state, do I need to create a new Blue Card for that country, or my current Blue Card should be good to go?

I find it confusing that it seems that the whole idea of the EU blue card is to have a unified document which I can use in all participating states, but if I have to make an entire new one every time I switch countries, the whole idea seems odd to me.

  • In the case I have to create a new Blue Card, does the fact that I currently hold one make any difference, or the process is the same as if you did not have one to begin with?

  • In the case I don't need to issue a new Blue Card, I noticed that there are differences of the minimum required income you should have to get a Blue Card of that country. If you switch countries, does your income needs to also match the minimum requirement of the country which issued the Blue Card, or the new hosting country?

Note that I am close to complete 2 years of tenure in my current job already.

  • After 18 Months one is allowed to take up employment in another blue card issuing country. – Sreeram Padmanabhan Aug 15 at 16:47

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