According to HuntonImmigrationLawBlog:

Until recently, travelers were required to appear in person at a Deferred Inspection site, with their original documents, in order to request that an I-94 be corrected. CBP has updated its Deferred Inspections Sites list to include email addresses for I-94 correction requests at the following nine Deferred Inspection offices:

  1. Boston: cbp.boston.i94@cbp.dhs.gov
  2. Charlotte: i94request-clt@cbp.dhs.gov
  3. Chicago: i94chi@cbp.dhs.gov
  4. Houston: cbphoui94@cbp.dhs.gov
  5. Miami: cbpmiai94@cbp.dhs.gov
  6. Milwaukee: i94mil@cbp.dhs.gov
  7. Orlando: orlandoi-94team@cbp.dhs.gov
  8. Seattle: i94.correction.seattle@cbp.dhs.gov
  9. St. Paul: i94msp@cbp.dhs.gov

How long does it take CBP to respond to I-94 amendment requests in practice? Or perhaps they have an official ETA somewhere?


At least in one case, it took exactly one week for them to respond and update the I-94 to the expected status.

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