I am in the USA on a F1 visa. I also have a MA Driver's License slash Real ID. I am visiting the UK later this month to attend a conference. A friend (in UK) advised I should get some additional paperwork that shows I am allowed to drive in the US with a F1 student visa. I am not quite sure what that means. Do I need to get additional paperwork? I have read on several places on the Internet stating that I should have no problem driving in the UK with my US license (provided that I am only there for a small number of days and do not intend to get a resident status). I am confused after my friend gave me the advise. What should I do?

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    You can use the tool on gov.uk to find out gov.uk/driving-nongb-licence If you’re planning to hire a car you could also check the T&C of the hire company; if you’re going to be driving eg a friend’s car then they should probably check their insurance allows this. – Traveller Jul 16 '19 at 20:29
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    You have a Massachusetts driver's license. This means that you are licensed to drive in the US. Being licensed to drive in the US means that you are allowed to drive in the US. That is the principal purpose of a driver's license and the reason why driver's licenses exist. For what purpose does your friend think you would need "additional paperwork that shows [you are] allowed to drive in the US with a F1 student visa"? What does that have to do with driving in the UK with that license? Why would anyone in the UK care about -- or even know about -- your US immigration status? – phoog Jul 17 '19 at 4:04

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