I have a German Master degree and applied for a PhD position in one of the German companies. They confirmed me about my recruitment (my Salary TVL E13 100%, workplace, starting date) after a week along with a clause like this

However, there are still several conditions and approval to be examined in accordance with German labor law. These include in particular the agreement of the works council to your employment. The necessary administrative procedures in the hiring process will be started promptly. We will inform you as soon as all approvals have been received.

My query is as I have a Master degree from German University why should I need an approval from work council? And can anyone explain what is this agreement thing along with the possible reasons they will not agree to my employment?

And another thing is, this PhD position is in the field of Mechanical Engineering, so does this TVL E13 100% is enough to apply for a Blue card?

N.B: I have almost one year work experience in Germany as Research assistant.

  • You are subject to the Betriebsrat in any case. Even the managers are. It's however unlikely the Betriebsrat would object to your employment unless they have proof you had been hired due to an unfair process. – Janka Jul 23 at 21:29

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