I have a total of 9+ years of experience in IT Industry and have worked as a software engineer in companies based in India. From my first company I was deputed to Netherlands for 4 months (back in Fab 2011). I am about to request for an experience letter from them. I have a doubt regarding the same. Even if my previous company mention my onsite experience in the letter, I won't be able to provide salary slip, PCC or other such documents (only visa and travel dates are mentioned in passport). Will it be an issue while going forward with EOI and Visa process (189). Please help.

  • If the Australian application process asks for salary slips, PCC or other such documents, and you cannot provide them, then of course it will be an issue: your application will be less complete than other applications which include these documents. Whether this will cause your application to be rejected no one can know, because we don't know the other information in your application, nor the other information in others' applications, nor the Australia's current desire (or not) to issue this visa. – DavidSupportsMonica Jul 27 '19 at 2:05

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