I am an Indian citizen, I applied for a tourist visa in Canada, in 2014. It got rejected as I had no travel history and on other grounds. My maternal uncle is a citizen of Canada and my mother is a single mother in India they gave us a refugee status claim reason. We assumed that it was because my uncle lives there.

In 2016 they again rejected my tourist visa on financial, and purpose of visit grounds. I was again confused as to why they refused it, as we were going to visit our uncle.

I created a travel history and travelled to Singapore and Malaysia.

In 2019: Thinking that previously I was a minor and now I am an adult I would overcome what happened in the past I applied for a student permit as I got accepted in York University I filed the visa under sds category. It still got rejected saying that I wont leave Canada after my stay (purpose of visit).

Now its Aug 2019, I am thinking of going for the February intake in Australia for my higher studies.

Keeping in mind I do not have the best luck with visas is it safe to apply to an Australian University and then apply for a visa?

Do Canada and Australia share immigration information? Do Commonwealth countries share immigration information such as previous rejections?

Will the past Canadian refusals effect my Australian visa application?

  • Why did you assume that the refugee status claim refusal reason was because your uncle lives in Canada? – Traveller Aug 20 '19 at 17:48

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