As the 18-year-old child of a G4 visa holder, can I apply for and accept an unpaid internship at a private company without obtaining an EAC?

  • I think you can trust the IMF: imf.org/external/np/adm/rec/policy/oth/depwkauth.htm – mkennedy Aug 25 '19 at 17:36
  • @mkennedy I don't see anything on that page that sheds any light on the present question. – phoog Aug 26 '19 at 3:43
  • A G4 dependent must have an EAD. – mkennedy Aug 26 '19 at 3:49
  • @mkennedy but the page you link to does not discuss unpaid employment. I don't doubt that you are correct, but it's not obvious from that document. – phoog Aug 26 '19 at 21:17
  • Ah, sorry,my mistake. I missed the "unpaid" qualifier. I'm mainly finding university website that talk about unpaid internships/volunteering on F-1 or J-1 visas. They say that if it's a true unpaid internship--no remuneration, no goods, no gifts, no payment after the fact, doesn't replace an employee, no employee benefits, etc. you don't need to get an EAD. Whether that applies for a G-4, I haven't been able to determine. – mkennedy Aug 26 '19 at 22:50

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