I recently got an offer (5000 Euros per month after taxes) from one of the organization from Netherlands and planning to move to Netherlands with a family of 3 including 3.6 years old kid, I've already gone through Numbeo and found most of the information required except getting my kid enrolled into International school, after googling around I found that International school charges way high than Public schools (which is almost free) it's like 6000-15000 Euro/year.

Are there any cheaper international schools, if yes, how can i get my Kid enrolled into one, also, do an individual get some tax exemption on school fee, any information will be a great help to me.

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    You might consider asking "If I move to the Netherlands and pay €6000 to €15000 per year for an international school for my kid, is that tax deductible?"
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  • What language(s) does your child currently speak? Commented Aug 27, 2019 at 13:28

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The Netherlands has an excellent public school system, and almost everyone completes school speaking fluent English (which is what I presume you want from an International School). If you put your child in public school now, they will integrate with no trouble at all, and they will be completely bilingual (trilingual† if mother and father consistently use different languages).

A Spanish colleague has just started his children at school here in Switzerland. The nine year old and the seven year old are finding it a challenge; the four year old in Kindergarten had a great first day, made lots of friends, and made absolutely no comment about the fact that everyone else was speaking a different language!

† A friend has friends who are Walloon (French speaking Belgian) and Hungarian. The childminder was Flemish (Dutch speaking Belgian). The child was fluent in all three. What they didn't know was that the child was also fluent in English (what language do you think the parents used to each other?).

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    A major reason to enroll in international schools is to follow a consistent curriculum while moving across countries (you can find e.g. British or French schools in many places) and easier access to higher education in that country.
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  • @Relaxed True - but that really ought not to be a concern until secondary school. Commented Aug 28, 2019 at 9:47
  • It depends, going to a specific primary school might make access to a given secondary school easier, many of these schools have waiting lists. Some people also feel teaching quality is better or an international school will help their children socialise with the “right” people. Some international schools don't teach primarily in English. What I am saying is that there is no reason to assume people send their children to an international school just to ensure they speak English.
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5000€ after taxes is a great salary in all European countries (might be a bit short for Switzerland or Norway tho).

About school I don't have any answer to this question but if you're considering moving long term to netherland you may want your kid to be in an international school for 1-2 year, then he should be able to get some dutch basic for classic public school.

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