My family applied for US visa through my maternal uncle who lived in New York. We filed in 2006 for the F4 category when I was only 16 years old but I have now turn 29. I am not married.

Now the NVC has asked us to submitt our legal paper for processing but I heared that there is a age limit for getting US visa for the dependent.

Is there any way for me to come with my parents?

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    when was the I-130 approved? – user102008 Sep 14 '19 at 14:17
  • February 13, 2006. – Irreversible Sep 15 '19 at 17:24
  • and when was the I-130 filed? I though you said the I-130 was filed in 2006, so was the I-130 approved in only a month? – user102008 Sep 15 '19 at 18:52
  • Actuallyi want to say Filed date means received/approved date. Maybe the filed date was november 2005 i can't remember the exact date if it's mandatory then i have to know from my uncle ( you may consider it by my assumption) . Is there any relation between filing date and age limit. – Irreversible Sep 16 '19 at 3:35
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    Possible duplicate of Main Applicant’s children are aged out or not? – DavidSupportsMonica Sep 16 '19 at 14:07

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