I'm living and working in Spain with the Work permit and my visa is multiple (Type-D).
I want to have a Blue Card as well.
I've searched a lot but couldn't find the process on the internet.

  1. I want to know the exact process of obtaining the Blue Card.
  2. Can I work in other European countries with that Blue Card which issued in Spain? (I've heard it should pass ~18 months before can work in other European countries)
  3. Can I ask for permanent residency of a country(which ones?) after a certain period of time? (I've heard something about 5 years, and not all of the countries giving PR only by having the Blue Card) .
  4. What are the other important benefits of having the Blue Card?

Update(from comment):
I fulfil the requirements of the Blue Card. My main question is where should I go to do that(In Spain)? And can I apply it directly by myself or my I have to talk with my company to help me(fill some documents) with this?

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