I am an Indian citizen and getting a postdoc offer from BIT, Beijing, China and will be applying for work (Z) visa soon. I wish to take my husband along with me on a dependent (S1) visa.

The Institute is providing me an invitation letter to proceed the visa formalities. They have mentioned my name and inviting me there. Now, to ensure that my husband gets S1 visa (which is for > 180 days) and not a tourist visa (L visa, < 180 days), I am asking them to mention my husband's name as an accompanying person in the invitation letter itself. But they are denying it and citing that generally, mentioning the accompanying person's name in invitation is not applicable.

But, my visa agent is saying that this will bleak the possibility of getting an S1 visa for my husband. Is there any chance to include the name in invitation itself? If not, what can be done from my part to ensure my husband an S1 visa?

  • The reason they will most often not mention other people on invitation letters is that they will be responsible for everything you do while under their “care” so it’s a huge risk to add more poeple than absolutely needed to invitation letters, having the name on the invitation will have little impact on the applications though, it does not prove anything about your relation ship, which is what you need to prove for the s1 visa – Matt Douhan Dec 7 '19 at 12:08

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