I have Type D Visa stamped on my passport which is valid from 15-09-19 to 14-12-19 with multiple entries. I am moving to Geneva for work, possibly for 3 years. I have recently applied (on 2-10-19) for a student permit here which takes at least a month for processing. However, for some personal reasons I wish to travel twice within 45 days after I move during which I might not have obtained my permit. I wished to know if I could travel to (1) Schengen countries, and, (2) back home to India before my permit come (from 5-11 to 10-11)?

More specifically, does my type D visa which is valid for 3 months for multiple entries let me re-enter the country? Or do I need to apply for a fresh re-entry visa after I reach Geneva?

Also, since there is no passport control between Schengen countries, what stops me from leaving Switzerland and going into other Schengen countries like France, Spain and Germany?

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I eventually spoke to the information desk at OCPM at Geneva. The answer to both the questions is yes. Since the visa was stamped as a multi-entry visa I can indeed go to India (or any other country) and come back without an issue. And the same is true is for Schengen countries.

Since it didn't concern me I didn't ask what happens when the visa is stamped as single entry. But in that case, I am sure one can't go to any country outside Schengen area, but I am not sure whether or not you can visit other Schengen countries.

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