I'm renting a room in a WG but for various reasons I will be moving into a room in a different WG next month, without cancelling the first contract.

So for a few months, until I manage to cancel the first contract, I will be paying rent for two rooms in different places of the same city.

I want to register my new address at the Bürgeramt so I can get any important letters there. But I don't know what happens with the other address.

Can I be in 2 places?

Staying in the old WG until the contract ends is not a viable option due to mental health concerns.

  • If you want all all your mail to reach the new address, you can use the Nachsendeservice ot the Post Commented Oct 23, 2019 at 20:01

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Important is only where you are living

  • if you have moved out of the old flat, you are no longer living there
    • it does not matter if the contract still continues for a while

When you register for the new flat, you can be deregistered for the old flat automatically.

You can be registered to more that one flat (within Germany)

  • primary and (possibly multiple) secondary residences

If you occasionally work in another city and wish to retain a rented room there

  • that would be a secondary residence

But there can be only one primary residence.
So you must choose which one is which.

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