I am a dual-national (British and French) living in the UK. I have recently changed my last name by Deed Poll, and hoped to renew my recently expired British Passport with my new name, but found out that in order to do that, I would need to get a new French ID document with my new name first.

This page describes (vaguely) how to 'change my name' by UK Deed Poll for France: https://uk.ambafrance.org/Changement-de-prenom-par-deed-poll

My questions are:

1) It asks for an ID document, does anyone know if it's okay to provide a photocopy of an ID that has my OLD name on it? After all, can't get an ID with my new name until I get a French ID with my new name on it.

2) Will I get some kind of official document if I follow the procedure in the linked article, which I can then use as proof of name change for getting a French Passport?

I have tried to call the French Consulate in London, but they were either really busy all day, or do not have any humans answering phones. I've also sent emails with these questions, but have received no answer so far. So I was hoping that someone out there has been through the deed poll name change process as a dual national and could tell me what to expect.

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