I would like to buy 5-HTP dietary supplement in Bangkok.
My first priority is to buy it online but I found some very high prices for that particular supplement in websites commonly selling in Thailand, such as:

| Site | Company | Dosage | Units | Round price (plus shipment) |
| Lazada | Natrol | 100mg | 45 | 630 + 33 |
| Piping Rock | (Piping Rock personal brand) | 200mg | 90 | 327 + X (I couldn't see if and how because they require billing card before review) |
| Evitamins | Now Food | 200mg | 120 | 1130 + 215 (Thailand post)

While there are less costly brands in these sites, paying about 500-600 Baht for product and shipment is plausible for a seldom purcahse, but I would like to know if I can purchase this supplement in Bangkok in a shop (I don't have a problem to travel by bus), in a way lower price (200-250 maybe)?

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