I leave in Greece and in the next year I am planning to go for PhD studies in Japan under MEXT scholarship. So I am in search for expense management whilst leaving there.

As far as I heard of public means of transport and rents in Japan are in the roof compared to the rents in Greece. So I was thinking of instead of using public means of transport instead to use a 50cc motorbike for daily commute between home and university and back.

But I want to know if this is a good idea. The particular scooter I am thinking is the Honda Supercub because is cheap on maintenance. Is the small engine motorbike recommended for daily commuting in Japan?

My goal is to save money whilst staying in Japan over extended period of time (I estimate about 2~5 yrs).

  • This should not have been migrated, as it is not about expatriation: locals commute too, and they don't have infinite money either. – fkraiem Nov 10 at 20:40

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