I currently work in the IT field (as an Security Analyst) and I am in the works of moving to Germany. I've got a job offer from my employer but unsure whether I qualify for an EU Bluecard.

All the EU Bluecard requirements are met beside the University Degree. I am certified as an Security Analyst, have some other certifications done and 2 years of courses completed at a university but with no degree/diploma. I read that you need a University degree or 5 years or more experience in this field. I currently have over 7 years of experience in IT. Do I qualify for an EU Bluecard? Would it be easier to have a lawyer representing me? Any good lawyers someone could suggest in the Dortmund/Bielefeld/Munster region?


I am in the process of applying for a European Blue Card for working in the IT sector in Paris.

Here are the conditions:

1) You must have a Diploma leading to at least 3 years of higher education.

2) You must have a contract of employment equal to or greater than 12 months justifying a minimum annual remuneration of 54K

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  • I understand that a university degree is a requirement but it says that you might meet the requirement if you have 5 or more years experience in that field. Is that somehting I could rely on and apply ? Or is is safer to go with a long-term work visa...will I be able to bring my family with me with a work visa? – IT Specialist Nov 13 '19 at 20:31

§ 19a (1)(1)(b) states:

if he has a comparable qualification demonstrated by at least five years of professional experience

So your 7 years is fine.

Section 19a EU Blue Card

(1) A foreigner shall be granted an EU Blue Card pursuant to Council Directive 2009/50/EC of 25 May 2009 on the conditionsonditions of entry and residence of third-country nationals for the purpose of highly qualified employment (OJ L 155,18.6.2009, p. 17) for the purpose of employment commensurate with his qualification, if

  1. he

a) holds a German or a foreign higher education qualification which is recognised or otherwise comparable to a German higher education qualification or

b) to the extent that this is stipulated by a statutory instrument pursuant to subsection 2 below, if he has a comparable qualification demonstrated by at least five years of professional experience,

  1. the Federal Employment Agency has granted approval in accordance with Section 39 or it has been determined by statutory instrument pursuant to Section 42 or by intergovernmental agreement that the EU Blue Card may be issued without the approval of the Federal Employment Agency, and

  2. if he receives a salary equal to or exceeding that stipulated by the statutory instrument under subsection 2.


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    Your interpretation of the text is incomplete. If that's not clear to you, the BAMF has clearer guidance on their website: “Momentan besteht keine Möglichkeit, ohne Hochschulabschluss eine Blaue Karte EU in Deutschland zu erhalten. Das Bundesministerium für Arbeit und Soziales hat keine entsprechende Rechtsverordnung nach § 19a Abs. 1 Buchstabe b AufenthG verabschiedet. ” – Relaxed Jan 13 at 13:23

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