After being in Thailand with two tourist visas (6 months), now I am in Thailand with a 9 months student visa, learning Thai 3 times a week (I can speak and read a bit of Thai). This student visa will end in about 4 months, then I would probably have to leave to Vietnam.

Last month, my college principal told me something like that per new regulations from last month, Thailand no longer allows students to make a second student visa, - yet it was unclear to me if she meant that it was forbidden just in case it's for the same language studies, or for the same college (I could attend another college), or in general.

Also, for about 2 months I was recovering from surgery so I lost the first 2 months of school and I can reinforce this data by supplying notary approved documents.

A rival college suggests a similar Thai language course in a longer form of 14 months instead 9 - an option which can be very good for me.

In Vietnam I might ask the general Thai consulate to give me a new visa: I could ask for a student visa or for a tourist visa (otherwise I could come back to Thailand with a transit visa for 2 months, but in such a case I might prefer to stay in Vietnam for a while).

I wonder what the exact law says, are there exceptions, etc. Can I have a second student visa to Thailand?

  • 1) De jure law or De facto law? 2) What is the country of your passport? 3) Also, are you going for a non-immigrant ED visa? 4) Do you have any Thai family (such as a kid or a spouse)?? – Jon Grah Nov 15 at 14:08
  • Hello ! 1) Please share information you have for both. 2) I prefer not to say but it's not restricted by Thai law in anyway besides the requirement for clearance certificate. 3) Yes, the same as I have now, by mean of visa. 4) I don't. – JohnDoea Nov 15 at 14:13
  • The country where the applicant is from are from is one of the largest factors that affect visa app in terms of explaining of the options. It was actually suggested that SE make it a requirement for visa related questions to include this. – Jon Grah Nov 15 at 16:16

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