I understand landlords are required to undertake right-to-rent checks, to check their tenants have the right to stay in the UK. I am currently renting a house on the basis of my Tier 4 student visa.

However, the rental contract ends long after my Tier 4 visa expires. (I'm obviously not planning on overstaying my visa. I'll be going home for about a month and then returning to the UK – and the house – to tie up some loose ends.) As I'll be returning to the UK on the basis of my non-visa national status, will I have the right to remain on the contract? I don't want to get my landlord or flatmates in trouble.

To clarify, I'm not concerned about gaining entry to the UK (I use the egates and I'm also a Registered Traveller). My question is, having successfully gained leave to enter the UK, would I be considered as having a legal right to rent?

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