I have been offered the role of “Software developer” but my degree currently is a Bachelor of Arts (Major in Psychology, Journalism and English). As far as the officials told me, I will only need a recognized degree and it does not need to be related to my profession.

As per anabin, my university is currently recognized in Germany (Bangalore University as H+). However, my degree is "conditionally comparable" only.

I am applying for a regular work/employment visa and not a Blue Card. I currently reside in India. The salary being offered is also above 41,000 EUR.

I would like to know what my chances are and what I can do to improve it. Would requesting a ZAV letter from my employer help?

  • As an IT professional you should either get a visa on the grounds of §2 or §4 BeschV. The former visa is definitely the better one. I'm not from India and the conditions also depend on intergovernmental agreements - definitely ask the embassy and the employer. Triple check if you are qualified for a Blue Card because having that is a major advantage. – bokibeg Dec 11 '19 at 16:42
  • When I inquired at the embassy they said it should not be an issue but when I emailed to confirm they said that I would not be eligible as I do not qualify as a highly-skilled worker. Moreover, my employer seems to be trying fro a ZAV pre-approval. So I'm guessing there is no definite answer, I'll just have to try. – Winston Jude Dec 12 '19 at 7:23
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