My citizenship is from El Salvador

My destination country is Poland

Hello, I am currently an asylum seeker in the US, my court date regarding the approval of it would be in a month. I saw my lawyer last week and he said in case of denial, I could ask for a voluntary departure which would give me 90 days to prepare everything. I don't want to be an illegal immigrant here in the US as it's been already few years and I want to try to achieve something in my life. I’m grateful for what US gave me however I feel like it's time to move further as I feel trapped and unmotivated. My boyfriend lives in Europe (Poland), and he suggested that I could study there. I've always wanted to go to college but unfortunately it's not possible to do it here in the US, therefore it would be a dream coming true.

Most of the requirements, I already meet but one which is student visa.

To apply for one in the polish embassy here in the US, I need to be a Green card holder or citizen, which I am not.

So my question is, is there a way for me to apply for a visa in a third country without me going to my home country?

  • You generally need to be accepted as a student at some university in Poland before you can apply for a Polish student visa.
    – phoog
    Jan 14, 2021 at 8:39

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On the website for the consulate of Poland in Los Angeles you'll find:

  1. PROOF OF LEGAL RESIDENCE in the USA and valid re-entry document:

-original of Permanent Residence Card (Green Card) or notarized copy,

-or valid US resident visa type A, E, F (with endorsed I-20), G, H, I, J plus J1 documents, L, O, R;

Tourists and visitors with US visa type B1/B2 and J1 Summer Work Travel visas must apply in their country of residence.

The US residence permit or visa should be valid at least three months beyond the intended departure from the territory of Poland or other Member States (Schengen).

Therefore, they don't limit issuance of visas to USC and LPR. However, your case is a bit different because you don't have immigration documents that would go "beyond the intended departure from Poland".

I would contact them directly and see what they can do for you. Each consulate/country has different rules regarding visa issuance for third-country nationals.

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