I desire to learn what are all the 24/7 bus lines of Bangkok.

The current transit bangkok table lists the following lines as 24(/7) lines:

2, 4, 22
23, 25, 29
34, 59, 76
91, 145, 203

But I fear the table might be slightly outdated because I myself took line 60 (Petchaburi-RamKhamaeng) several times between 01:00-05:00.


  • I think line 40 (expanded version ; Chinatown-RamKhamaeng) has recently turned 24/7

  • I recall taking line 168 around Klong Toey area (which starts from Klong Toey bus depot) around 03:30 but I might confuse with either 01:00 or 05:00.

What are the 24/7 bus lines of Bangkok?

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I don't know if the above list is updated but I testify from experience, as far as I recall, that indeed line 60 and line 93 are almost daily operational between 01:00 to 05:00.

It is indeed likely that line 40 (which is a very demanded line going through most of the central parts of the city) would start working until after 24:00 or somewhat before 04:00, especially in midst week (no holidays); BTW in 2020 a new fleet of line 40 buses was added (it is a very demanded line as well).

After all, with the ultra dynamic Bangokian economy it's often hard to guarantee what is generally correct.

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