I am originally from France but have been living in the US for 13 years and now have dual citizenship. I am considering relocating back to France. I am a freelancer and I am looking at creating a "micro-entreprise" in France so I can continue my activities as an independent contractor. I would like to continue freelancing with some of my US-based clients. One of them said they would need an updated W9 with my new address so we can continue working together. 

Can/Should I put my French address and my US Social Security number on a W9 form? To clarify, my client would wire payments to my French bank account, and I would pay my taxes in France (although I am aware that I would still need to file in the US every year).

Thank you for your help!

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Yes. As a US citizen, you are a US person, and should fill out W-9 instead of W-8BEN to provide your Social Security Number. You can put a foreign address on the W-9, as per the answer to this question.

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