I am an Indian citizen working in Warsaw, Poland. I have a temporary resident card, Karta Pobytu, which is valid until December 2020.

Last month, I renewed my passport at the Indian Embassy in Warsaw. As my current temporary resident card was issued on the previous passport, should I apply for a new resident card, or will my current card be valid? Will I have any problem in immigration if I travel with all passports (old and new) and the current resident card?

A few points related to this case:

  • The resident card was issued until December 2020 even though my old passport was valid until October 2020.
  • My new passport has all the details of my old passport on the back page.
  • There is no mention of passport number on my temporary resident card.

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Since the Passport number is not contained on the Karta Pobytu, that would not be a reason to have the card replaced.

It would, however, be wise to inform the responsible authority of the new passport.

I am not sure if the should be done at the District Office (Urząd Gminy, Urząd Dzielnicy), to update your registration (Zameldowanie), or the Voivodeship (Immigration) Office

  • possibly both

Replacement or loss of residence card
A residence card must be replaced if:

  • data contained in the card have changed;



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    Hi, I read the condition that "data contained in the card have changed". However, as passport number was not included in card, I was unsure if I need replacement of the card. I will check with the immigration office. As I was traveling to India soon, I was wondering if immigration will have any problem. Thank you.
    – UserOnWeb
    Jan 9, 2020 at 12:13

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