My husband (Brazilian) had his UK spousal visa approved in 2017 and we've been living here since. We're now applying for his extension and there are new questions on the form asking if he's lived in other countries. The problem: he lived in the US illegally for 7 years. We could have skipped over this since he entered pre-biometrics, but it's where we met and got married (in the year before we left the States together - I was there legally) so if they review our marriage certificate closely they'll notice this anomaly in his travel history. My question: Is the only option to include the full period of US time and hope for the best? They don't specifically ask whether he had a visa, just what he was doing there, but I'm concerned the length of time may raise a flag. We could also shorten it to, say, two years with the same exit date and say he'd been studying and travelling, which is less of a standout long period - but of course I'm worried they'd somehow find out, though I can't see a bureaucratic way they'd actually know when he'd first arrived in the States. Any thoughts appreciated.

  • The UK and US share data under the Five Eyes alliance en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Five_Eyes so even without the marriage certificate evidence it is not inconceivable that they could find out about your husband’s time in the US. According to ukvisa.blog/2018/05/17/spouse a spouse visa can be refused on suitability/general grounds, including failing to disclose a material fact. IMHO therefore it would be best to adhere to the usual advice to always tell the truth when applying for any visa. Given you’re at the extension stage, declaring a US overstay is unlikely to cause a problem. – Traveller Jan 15 at 9:24

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