According to UKVI website, most of the Tier-2 visa applicants(including me!) should sit for an IELTS exam.

I have already taken both academic and general exams in a test centre that is on the list of UKVI SELT and again according to the UKVI documents, all facets of this test centre are acceptable. UKVI SELT

But I have seen in other documents that only IELTS for UKVI is acceptable here which made me to believe that “All Facets” in above list means : IELTS for UKVI Academic and IELTS for UKVI General! Is that right?

Does that mean that I should sit for a new IELTS test, this time a UKVI one?

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For future seekers,

After April 2015, only IELTS for UKVI is accepted for Tier-2 visa. So if you have a normal IELTS TRF you should sit for an IELTS for UKVI even if you have already taken a test in one of the SELT centres.

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