In USA, I cannot open a checking or savings account because I choose not to unlock my credit records.  (Credit check required to deposit, not borrow?!?)

In Spain, only an ID and address needed to open a savings account and get a debit card.  No raised eyebrows at a USA address. No credit check—which would have been empty, since I have never borrowed outside of USA and not at all in at least a decade.

Is it generally this sensible throughout EU?

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In general, it is not that simple (among other things) due to money laundering legislation and in general to registration laws.

In Germany it is very difficult, as a non-resident, to open a bank account.

There are, however, certain Direct banks where this is possible. The German Bank account for non residents article (which may not be impartial) gives a overview on what is on offer and many of the conditions for the banks listed.

So for a 'roamer' through Europe this may be of interest.

US citizens may encounter problems, due to FATCA, while attempting to open an account. Some banks are reluctant to accepts US citizens due to the high costs that the implementation of the FATCA rules bring with it.


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