There is a Quebec-Selected Skilled Visa that enables Permanent Residence of Canada and staying in Quebec. The province has its own rules of selection criteria. In those rules, there is a requirement of knowing French and English language. I am confused if there is even any minimum requirement of French or this visa is completely point-based; thereby having knowledge of English suffice if other factors scores the cut-off.

I googled as well, and there are results that says French being compulsory while others saying, not compulsory. Image


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In order to be qualified for QSW you need French language proficiency. Although It is not compulsory, you wouldn’t be able to obtain required scores for QSW without having a French language certificate.

If I recall correctly, you would need B2 in both speaking and listening (each has 5 score).

Check Quebec website to see how they score the applicants here.

Quebec immigration streams have been subject to massive changes recently, so Internet websites are not reliable sources and could be old and inaccurate. I strongly recommend to check everything with their official website (above link)

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