My husband and I got our ITA for Express Entry Canada and we were unmarried when we applied for this. And we got married a month before we got the ITA. Now, should we decline my ITA and accept & continue my Husband's application? I being the accompanying person on his application, how long would it take for me to get the PR card? Would the processing still be the same if I were to apply separately?

Please help.

Thanks, Atulya

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The target to process a FSW application is reportedly 6 month which after, the main and all dependants receive a passport request email (to stamp a visa).

In your case the main applicant should inform IRCC about the change of his/her marital status through web form ASAP and they will ask for additional applicable documents. This may inevitabely increase your time-line (standard 6 month).

The main applicant wouldn’t need to withdraw his/her ITA. If you are required to do so, they will instruct you in response of your web form.

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