Hydrogen Peroxide is a chemical compound which has various household uses, mostly cleaning/disinfecting/bleaching. But - if you enter your local super-market or ("super-pharm"-like) stores and pass through the cleaning, laundry and toiletries aisles you'll not find that name featuring on any product. Even if you look for cleaning agents, it seems not to be part of the selection.

So is it not typically in use in Israel? Is it sold elsewhere/under another name?

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tl;dr: Look for "מי חמצן".

This compound - whose formula is H2O2 - has a specific Hebrew name; or rather, two such names. Unofficially and commonly, it's known as מי חמצן. Translated, that's "Oxygen Water", and transliterated: "Mei Hamtzan". The official chemical name is מימן על-חמצני (Hebrew Wikipedia).

Pharmacies/"pharm" stores typically stock it, and super-markets might as well; a few examples of the packaging: here, here and here. There's also some gel form of it, e.g. here. Note that the concentration of H2O2 is not the same in all products.

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