What are the steps to move from MittelSchule to RealSchule in Bavaria?

For a student in class 7th, what are the chances to go to Realschule.

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  • Probably dependent of the state where you are going to school, since schools are handled by state laws. – Mark Johnson Jan 29 at 9:34
  • in Munich, Bavaria. I want to know if a kid learns German till B2, is that enough or there are some tests in science or maths? – Salam Jan 29 at 11:54

The best advise that can be given is to talk to the school itsself.

That said, the list (shown below) from the Bavarian Education Ministry states 2 possible combinations for Mittelschule -> Realschule:

  • grade (Note) average of 2.0 for German, Math and English (for the whole year)
  • otherwise: after successful qualification tests

Note: German grade system: 1.0 (best) down to 6.0 (worst).

Übertrittsvoraussetzungen Realschule
Übertritt in die 7., 8. und 9. Jahrgangsstufe
Von der Mittelschule:
- Durchschnittsnote aus Deutsch, Mathematik, Englisch (Jahreszeugnis) bis 2,0 und bestandene Probezeit: Übertritt möglich (Entscheidung der Eltern nach Beratung).
- In allen anderen Fällen: Übertritt möglich nach bestandener Aufnahmeprüfung und Probezeit.

Transfer requirements secondary school
Transition to the 7th, 8th and 9th grade
from middle school:
- Average grade from German, mathematics, English (annual certificate) to 2.0 and passed probationary period: transfer possible (decision of the parents after consultation).
- In all other cases: transfer possible after passing the entrance exam and trial period.


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