I have been offered a job opportunity in Indonesia for 6 months which I have accepted. I am going there on February 13th. The negative part is that they do not assure me that I will be able to stay longer and I don't want to lose all my things in Spain.

I live in Madrid and, although I am going to leave my apartment (I cannot keep it for 6 months without being there), I need to keep the furniture in my room: a bed, a closet, a television.

I found this page for renting storage rooms in Madrid and I had thought about leaving my furniture this time. Has anyone done something similar or knows another method that they can advise me on for this situation?

Original version:

Hola! Me han ofrecido una oportunidad laboral en Indonesia durante 6 meses y he aceptado, me voy para alli el 13 de febrero. La parte negativa es que no me aseguran que me vaya a poder quedar mas tiempo, por eso necesitaba no perder todas mis cosas en España. Yo vivo en Madrid y aunque vaya a dejar mi piso (no lo puedo mantener 6 meses sin estar alli), necesitaba guardar los muebles de mi habitacion: una cama, un armario, television.... He encontrado esta pagina de alquiler de trasteros en Madrid y habia pensado en dejarles mis muebles este tiempo. Alguno ha hecho algo similar o conoce otro metodo que me pueda aconsejar para este tiempo? Gracias de antemano, la web es la siguiente: 


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    This is a English-only website. I can help translate it if you want. – CaldeiraG Jan 31 at 10:55
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    This is an English language site, so Spanish is off-topic here. Someone has helpfully added an English translation which won't help because the question would thus belong on Expatriates – CatchAsCatchCan Jan 31 at 11:36
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    I'm not certain this is a travel related question; anyway, yes, you can use storage company to store your belongings, pack them up, call a moving company or rent a truck (and friends) and move your stuff. – Max Jan 31 at 11:50

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