I've been living abroad and travelling for a year now for the last 1 year. I'm regularly meeting women and people from the local culture, but sometimes I miss hanging out with people from my own culture.

Especially as living in some countries is such a culture shock, it's nice to talk again with people with a western cultural background.

I'm basically not drinking anymore since 2 months ago, so that makes things a bit trickier.

I'm a great fan of www.meetup.com, but unfortunately there are not many people in my city (1 million+ inhabitants) using it.

I've been looking into Facebook Groups and will keep looking into it. What are other good tips to find like-minded people while travelling?

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    One tip, not only for this specific problem, is to ask a few taxi drivers. In this case, they can let you know if of any places that they frequently take people that look and talk like you. – Ray Butterworth Feb 1 at 20:55

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