I am after some help, looking to apply for a Dutch passport and live work in Holland. My grandparents and the siblings moved from Holland to Australia around 1960. My grandparents never became Australian citizens but, after I was born 3 years later, my dad became a Australian citizen. My mum was born in Australia. I am the only child. How do I obtain citizenship and a passport? I am looking to move there for work and live until I retire.

  • Generally, when a Dutch person naturalizes in another country, that person loses Dutch nationality and so do all of the person's minor children. Do you have any reason to think that didn't happen in your case? When were you born? (The law changed a few times in the last few decades; it might make a difference.) If you did lose Dutch nationality, you might qualify for the simplified naturalization procedure, but you'd have to get a long-stay visa or residence permit on some other basis first and then naturalize after you get there, and you'd probably have to give up Australian nationality. – phoog Feb 4 at 0:33

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