I'm French citizen with Australian permanent residency since 2018. When I was first awarded the residency, I entered the country within the first 5 months (as required) in order to validate this status. But I did not permanently immigrate then. I went back home (in Spain) for 2 years.

I'm about to immigrate for good to Australia in the coming days. I know that before entering the country I have to fill a Passenger card, whose back is replicated below. I need to choose between two possible answer :

  • A : Migrating permanently
  • B : Resident returning

Which one should I select? I think that both can apply. I'm migrating permanently, but I'm also a resident returning to Australia.

Is there a big difference? Thanks

Passenger card

  • I don't know for sure. But if you pick migrating permanently, that affects your customs limits as you're allowed household goods/larger allowances. You might want to check that.
    – mkennedy
    Feb 4, 2020 at 18:37

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My understanding (although I can't back this up with sources) is that the final section of the card is for government/tourism statistics and does not really meaningfully impact the immigration proces. (I still wouldn't recommend ticking "migrating permanently" if you're entering on a tourist visa.)

In your case, since you're coming for good and intend to stay in Australia, I would select "A: Migrating permanently". I chose this myself when I moved back to Australia last year, despite also being a returning resident.

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