I just moved to Vancouver Island, Canada from California a little over a month ago. I just received the letter for the registration renewal which also says I need a STAR certified smog check for it. I searched for smog check places here on the island but found nothing. What options do I have? Do I need to bring my car back to the States in order to do this? Thank you for any or all responses.

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According to this California government web site,

4.4 My renewal notice says my vehicle needs a Smog Check but the vehicle is located out of state and will not be back for many months. It's too far to bring back to California for a smog inspection. Can I get my vehicle tested in another state and send the results to DMV?

No. There is no need to get a smog inspection in another state, as it will not be valid in California. In order to complete your registration, simply fill out and sign DMV's Statement of Facts form stating the reason why the vehicle cannot be tested. DMV will mail the registration and license plate sticker to wherever the car is currently located.

The Statement of Facts form is located here (PDF).

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