How does one go about learning for a "driving theory" test in Israel (MIVCHAN THEORIA)?

Are there any government-approved books in English?

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That's a tough one, seems like there is a book but I couldn't find online anyone selling it.

I found this site that teaches in English.

This is the official question bank but it doesn't load for me, try an older snapshot at the web archive site

Finally you can find more information at kolzchut

Good luck !


Apparently, the Israeli Ministry of Transport publishes a complete (whatever that means) pool of driving-theory questions and answers!

Other resources:

  • Remember there are different kinds of licenses. The typical common is B - private vehicles up to a certain tonnage - but the "theory exam" and/or procedure may be different for different license categories.

  • You should first consider the possibility of getting a license on the basis of your foreign driver's license - without going through a "driving theory" exam. See this website for information about that. On the other hand, it might be worthwhile to actually take lessons:

    ... So here’s what I realized. I’m a great driver in the US. I wasn’t a great driver in Israel. Neither are most of the people who move here. I had to get my ego out of the way and realize there were things I objectively needed to learn if I wanted to be as good a driver in Israel as I was in the States.

    (quote is from here)

  • You may also benefit from these on-line practice resources, all in English:

  • Remember that traffic legislation is occasionally tweaked! ... in particular, new traffic signs are promulgated and older ones become deprecated. Material from, say, 10 years ago may be slightly outdated.

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